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Architectural wire mesh is used throughout commercial and residential estates varying from elevator cladding to solar heat gain to enhancing a water fountain display.  Wire By Design is your source for every type of decorative metal mesh screen, panel, or fabric for architectural, commercial, and residential use!

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Woven Wire Mesh Panels

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Endless Decorative Woven Wire Mesh Possibilities

Woven architectural mesh opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to your design capabilities.  Wire By Design manufactures a vast variety of high quality, beautiful woven wire mesh screens, panels, and fabrics to complement your design vision.  The high-end architectural wire mesh fasteners offer both versatility and durability to your project creating more design possibilities!

Our Architectural Mesh Design Capabilities


Architectural Mesh Manufacturers from PA

Elegance and originality are two words to describe the results you will see once you have used Wire By Design in your project.  Our portfolio is just a sample of our woven wire mesh creations and its uses.  Take a closer look to see how our decorative wire mesh and fabrics can inspire your next design!

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