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Wire By Design is a manufacturer of wire mesh panels designed to elevate the look of your home or place of business. With its versatility, you can use our stainless steel wire mesh to transform the look of any surface, whether it be an elevator panel, desk front, interior or exterior wall, it will help take the beauty of your property to the next level. Regardless of your specific needs and requirements, Wire By Design can help outfit your building with the perfect metal mesh design.

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Woven Wire Mesh Panels

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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Architectural Application

When you’re looking to create a timeless look that gives your building a distinguished appearance, look no further than stainless steel wire mesh. Wire mesh panels for architectural application has become an increasingly popular design element in recent years because of its versatile application and design potential. It can easily fit into the parameters of most projects and provides architects with increased design freedom.

Discover the Decorative Potential with Woven Wire Mesh

Perfect for setting a tone and creating an inviting atmosphere, woven wire mesh has an unmatched decorative potential that designers love. Whether it’s for commercial or residential application, woven wire mesh can transform both building interiors and exteriors with it’s modern, yet classic design. The high-end architectural mesh fasteners offer both versatility and durability to your project creating more design possibilities!

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Wire Mesh Panels for Sale Nationwide

With wire mesh panels, elegance and originality are two words that will describe the results when you use Wire By Design for your next architectural design project. We invite you to get inspired by browsing our Project Portfolio to view a sample of our woven wire mesh creations today! And if you’re interested in starting the conversation with us about utilizing architectural wire mesh on your next project, please click our contact button below!

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