Decorative Wire Mesh

Perfect for adding a stunning visual appeal to virtually any building or structure, decorative wire mesh from Wire By Design is an impressive design element that will turn heads and set the right impression. Our decorative wire mesh works well on both residential and commercial buildings and is available in over 40 different designs. Whether you’re looking to enhance an office building, hotel, or stadium, we can provide the decorative wire mesh that will distinguish your property and give it a truly timeless appearance. We invite you to browse our designs to discover the perfect pattern for your property.

Realize the Design Potential with Decorative Metal Mesh

If you aren’t sure how the application of decorative metal mesh can enhance your property, take a moment to browse our Project Gallery and discover what design professionals have been able to do to utilize our decorative metal mesh on a wide variety of buildings and structures.

In addition to the work featured on our site, decorative metal mesh can also add style to walls and ceilings by creating much-appreciated textural appeal and can be incorporated into railing infills, signs, plant screens, and numerous other applications. Some designers have used it to create room dividers by installing it on a retractable attachment or movable track. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Common applications of mesh products include:

• Texture and space mesh
• Sun-screens
• Decorative ceilings or wall mesh
• Customized applications

Unmatched Design Options with Decorative Wire Mesh

For those interested in utilizing our decorative wire mesh on their building or structure, please contact us to speak with a representative that can guide you through the purchase process and assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to providing you with the decorative wire mesh that will transform your building or structure into something truly incredible!

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