Decorative Woven Wire Mesh That’ll Enhance Your Buildings Appearance

Perfect for adding a stunning visual appeal to virtually any building or structure, decorative wire mesh from Wire By Design is an impressive design element that will turn heads and set the right impression. Our decorative wire mesh works well on both residential and commercial buildings and is available in over 40 different designs. Whether you’re looking to enhance an office building, hotel, or stadium, we can provide the decorative wire mesh that will distinguish your property and give it a truly timeless appearance. We invite you to browse our designs to discover the perfect pattern for your property.

Rethink Interior Design with Decorative Metal Mesh

The possibilities are truly endless with decorative metal mesh! Redesign an existing space or start from scratch on a new build, decorative wire mesh is versatile enough to adapt to either. Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, our textured mesh is extremely versatile to fit any environment and atmosphere.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our most adored applications in our project gallery! When you’re ready to start shopping for and talking about wire mesh designs, view the helpful pages on our website and give us a call.

restaurant interior featuring decorative wire mesh

Upgrade Your Space With Decorative Mesh Screens & Panels

interior of airport that utilizes decorative wire mesh as a design element

First impressions are everything in business, and you only get one shot at getting it right! Designer wire mesh from Wire by Design can make any interior space one that stands out in the world. There are countless ways to take advantage of such a beautiful metal feature, below are just a few of the ideas customers have incorporated it in their interior designs:

    • Wall décor
    • Water features
    • Bar design
    • Stairwell security
    • Translucent room dividers
    • & Much more!


Contact Us To Add Decorative Wire Mesh Into Your Building Design Plans!

If you are a designer, architect, business owner, or creative looking for something special to add a little extra spice to your space, we’re happy to say – you’re at the right place! You clearly have an eye for details and style, just like us! If you have any questions about our company or decorative wire mesh panels, please feel free to reach us via phone or online form. We look forward to working with you and your team!

Design Your Building With Decorative Wire Mesh