Create a Stunning Appearance with Architectural Wire Mesh

First impressions are everything when it comes to commercial buildings. If you’re an architect or designer who creates buildings intended to impress, you’ll definitely appreciate the added exterior visual flair and style that can be provided with architectural wire mesh from Wire By Design! We pride ourselves on providing top-quality architectural wire mesh for architects and designers looking to enhance the appearance of their buildings and produce truly unique results. This is a goal we consistently help our customers achieve largely due to the unlimited decorative potential wire mesh offers. In fact, these stunning design elements already exist on many buildings throughout the United States. We invite you to explore your options with architectural mesh and the supportive products we offer. Take a moment to learn more about our top-quality exterior architectural solutions.

Architectural Mesh Screens & Panels in Use

At Wire By Design we’ve been blessed to work with many amazing clients in a variety of industries and architectural settings. We invite you to view several examples of our mesh panels in use below:

Potential Benefits of Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

Architectural mesh from Wire By Design can make any building’s exteriors stand out for all the right reasons. There are multiple ways this type of mesh can be creatively used to transform seemingly ordinary buildings into something truly head-turning. For one thing, the architectural mesh is a highly versatile and customizable design element. It’s appealing because it offers architects and designers some added flexibility with exterior design.

Wherever it is applied, it can have a profound impact on appearance, curb appeal, and even property value. Wire By Design is your trusted source for superior-quality architectural mesh that can be tailored to meet specific needs and design preferences. Regardless of what you have in mind for your exterior design plans, it’s easy to find a way to make architectural wire mesh fit in perfectly with virtually any outdoor setting. Discover the design possibilities today!

Architectural metal screens can be an appealing and functional accessory when there is a need to protect exterior architectural elements from excessive sun exposure and other potential issues. These screens are designed to offer strategic and beneficial sun protection in a way that doesn’t take away from other exterior design elements.

The semi-transparent geometry characteristic of architectural metal screens boosts thermal comfort because of the way the woven wire mesh reduces temperature and provides shade. But that’s not all architectural metal screens can do! These screens cool things down in the summer and help maintain warmth during the cooler months – which can contribute to some extra savings with utility costs!

Due to the frontal viewing angle that’s created with these screens, visual transparency from the inside will not be sacrificed either! This means anyone on the inside of the building can still benefit from an abundance of natural light, which can reduce reliance on artificial lighting and further minimize costs. Additional benefits that architectural metal screens provide include:

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If you’re in the market for a stunning design element, look no further than the architectural wire mesh sold by Wire By Design. The added attention to detail that goes into every product we produce means that you’ll benefit from impressive durability and second-to-none visual appeal. Our friendly and courteous staff routinely works with customers to ensure all needs are met. We take just as much pride in exceeding expectations and leaving no details overlooked.

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Architectural Wire Mesh From Wire By Design