What is Architectural Wire Mesh?

Architectural wire mesh is a stunning design element that is perfect for transforming existing structures and giving new buildings a distinguishing look. Made from interwoven metal fibers, architectural wire mesh is available in multiple shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors and is applicable to almost any building interior or exterior. Below we have six featured examples of our architectural wire mesh and on our Metal Mesh Designs page, we feature our full line.

Why use Architectural Perforated Metal Panels?

Architectural perforated metal panels have many advantages that distinguish them as a design element. Their ability to enhance a building’s appearance makes them attractive to architects and interior designers, while the modern look of architectural perforated metal panels makes them eye-catching to the casual on-looker. Those factors coupled with its ease of application and the many options for customization help make architectural perforated metal panels a popular design feature.

Examples of Architectural Mesh Panels in Use

At Wire By Design we’ve been blessed to work with many amazing clients in a variety of industries and architectural settings. We invite you to see for yourself the many applications of our beautiful product on our Projects page, and we invite you to enjoy a sample of work below.

Interested in Architectural Wire Mesh?

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