Architectural Wire Mesh in Lancaster PA

Wire By Design is conveniently located and provides architectural wire mesh services to the downtown Lancaster area and beyond. The company has worked with such high-profile clients as John F Kennedy International Airport, Delta Airlines, and the Jacksonville Jaguar Stadium. Expand your own limits with decorative metal mesh that can add a striking touch to your business or home.

Enhance Your Design

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, decorative metal mesh can be a unique addition to the overall design of your location. It can be hung behind a reception desk to prominently display your logo or used as a finishing touch on a staircase banister – the little details are often what visitors will notice first.

Decorative wire mesh is not only for companies, it is also an excellent choice for individuals seeking modern finishes for their home. A decorative mesh screen can be used as a discreet privacy divider between rooms, or as an embellishment to the back splash in your kitchen.

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of architectural mesh lies in its elegant simplicity – and its endless possibilities. Are you looking to create a quiet space where workers can sip coffee and brainstorm? Wire mesh can be a modern way to create breakout discussion spaces.

Wire mesh panels can be hung and arranged in ways that suit your unique needs. It can even be used to enhance a water feature display, leaving visitors to your home or business soothed and relaxed.

Wired By Design offers many wire fabric fasteners, from cables to frames. You have endless options for where and how you want your decorative mesh screen to be hung.

Energy Friendly

As a business owner, you’re tasked with numerous decisions to make, every day. When it comes to designing your office space, wire mesh can simplify your options. Architectural wire mesh is beautiful and suits both lightweight and industrial purposes. Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly.

Businesses that face towards the sun experience a lot of glare during the day, especially during the afternoon hours when workers are at their most productive. Adding decorative wire mesh is like putting on sunglasses – it’s a simple choice that helps you see the road ahead more clearly. It can be added as a transparent screen over windows to reduce glare and improve solar heat retention. Your workers will thank you on the way to that next meeting.

The woven wire mesh panels that Wired By Design uses are environmentally friendly and manufactured right in Lancaster.

Patterns for Every Taste

No two aesthetics are the same, which is why Wired By Design offers a host of architectural mesh patterns to complement the overall design of your home, office, or business. From an open clad weave, to the more tightly-wound Corbel pattern, you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

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Wired By Design is proud to serve Lancaster. It is your regional destination for wire mesh products. Come to Wired By Design to see why locals trust their expertise.

Wired By Design works tirelessly from the beginning to the end of each project to ensure that you are completely satisfied. No project is too large or too small. Contact us today to begin your design journey!

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